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Omtech CO2 Laser Door Keys - Omtech Laser Door Keys

Omtech CO2 Laser Door Keys - Omtech Laser Door Keys

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Omtech CO2 Laser Door Keys - Set of door keys for OMTECH (Orion Motor Tech) CO2 lasers. May be compatible with other Chinese Lasers and other door latches of the same size. We use these on our Omtech 80 watt lasers - 20" x 28" bed.


These make opening the door a breeze with no bulky key to keep track of. These fit pretty snugly into the latch but if somehow they work a little loose over time, a drop of semi-permanent glue in the triangle will fix that.


These are made from 100% PLA plastic and may come in any color. Please specify if you need these in a specific color. If you have any issues with this item please don't hesitate to contact me and we will work it out!


**** Disclaimer: Do not run the machine with guards open or leave keys in if children can access the machine and moving parts****


Thank you for supporting my small business!!

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