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Baseball Coach Plaque - Personalized Baseball Coach Appreciation Gift, End of Season Gift for Baseball Coach

Baseball Coach Plaque - Personalized Baseball Coach Appreciation Gift, End of Season Gift for Baseball Coach

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Express your gratitude to your baseball coach in a unique and personalized way with our Personalized Baseball Coach Appreciation Plaque. This thoughtful gift is designed to honor the dedication and leadership of your coach, making it the perfect token of appreciation.

Key Features:

Personalization: Make it truly special by customizing the plaque with the coach's name, team name, year, player names, logo and any additional text you desire. If no team logo is desired, we will engrave a baseball logo in the place where the team logo would ordinarily go.

Size Options: Choose from three sizes - 8.25" x 9 inches, 10.5 x 11.5 inches or 12.5" x 13.75"

Opt for the smallest size as a desk or shelf plaque, or go for the larger sizes for wall-hanging or versatile display options.
Equipped with a wall hanging hook on the back to make it simple to display this great keepsake.
Premium Materials: Crafted with care, these plaques consist of three layers for durability and a premium aesthetic.

Back Layer: Birch provides a solid foundation.
Middle Layer: Real Baseball Textured Vegan Leather adds an authentic touch.
Top Layer: Acrylic ensures a sleek finish.
Sturdy and Weighty: Our plaques have a substantial weight, conveying quality and impressing any coach.

Engraved Details: The words are skillfully engraved into the baseball-textured leather, No stickers or printing. These will never peel or fade.

Baseball Design: Shaped like home plate with baseball bats crossing it, the design captures the essence of the game.

Whether displayed in the coach's office, on a shelf, or proudly hung on the wall, this personalized plaque serves as a constant reminder of the coach's impact on the team. It's a meaningful and stylish gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Show your appreciation for your baseball coach's dedication and hard work with this beautifully crafted and customizable plaque. Order yours today!
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